01 – Choosing A Camera Bag For Your Brand New DSLR

01 – Choosing A Camera Bag For Your Brand New DSLR

Merely were buying an expensive DIGITAL camera, for the first time, all over again, I would personally resolve to make a good quality and good sized camera carrier part of the overall cost. Canon 1300D camera

The truth is, when We got my primary DSLR-type camera (a Panasonic FZ1000 “Bridge Camera”, buying a camera bag was fairly much a secondary matter. 

I’d never spent so much money on a camera, before, therefore, the bulk of my attention was focused on what camera to buy, without the concern how I was heading to keep it be well protected when not in use. Anyway, to slice a long account short, I eventually understood that buying a camera was just one of quite a few of purchases that also had to be made, alongside purchasing the camera itself. Camera cleaning implement (lens pens, microfiber cloths, etc. ) was needed, as part of this “new camera package”, but also needed was the subject of this article… a camera tote – somewhere to keep the camera safe and in mint condition, not only when trekking away and about, but also when not using the camera (e. g. to keep any household dirt from it – cams really are like particles magnets).

As I described a few paragraphs before, the camera I finished up with was a Panasonic FZ1000 – not strictly a “proper” DIGITAL SLR, as the lens on this thing is set and it cannot be changed, which is something you can do with DSLR cameras. The FZ1000 is simply a type of camera that “bridges” the expertise gap between taking photographs with so-called “point-and-shoot” compact cameras and even more superior Digital SLR cameras). That has disadvantages, in that you can’t invest in several lenses, such as a Fish Eye Lens or a lens with a longer zoom range. Even so, it has its advantages, especially in relation to storing the camera, as you merely need somewhere to put the camera itself, and no further pain of where to store additional lenses.

While on the website where I actually purchased the Panasonic FZ1000 camera, there were the handful of other related “recommended purchases” for the FZ1000 and one of these was the Lowepro 110 AW Camera Tote. I’d spent so long choosing the camera, that I just lazily added it to the shopping cart software, without further considering the purchase. All I observed was that it was marketed at buyers of the Panasonic FZ1000, so just figured that could be what I needed. Besides, I used to be spending a heck of the lot on the camera and, by comparison, this Lowepro 110 bag appeared not too expensive.

The mistake has not been a quality issue – it was an effectively designed and well made bag. Everything about it felt good quality. Yet… I hadn’t bargained how quickly my haul of camera accessories would expand. The Lowepro 110 located the camera in snug, but from then on there was only room first zoom lens filter (including its defensive case); a spare camera battery; a remote shutter release (for taking photographs without risking adding stoß in to the camera when taking the shot); and a tiny lens pen (contains a brush and statically-charged hint for cleaning debris off the camera, lens, CRISTAL LÍQUIDO screen and viewfinder). My spouse and i ended up having to go out with a normal backpack which i owned or operated at the time, into that i stuffed the additional accessories that wouldn’t go in the Lowepro one hundred ten, on top of which I position the FZ1000-filled LowePro 110, so that We wasn’t having to facilitate carrying two bags over my shoulders. Trouble was, if I wanted to get at the accessories below, even basically don’t need anything else in the Lowepro bag, it still had to come out so that We could get to the stash of gear under. It had been all somewhat absurd.

Therefore, it wasn’t long before I discovered myself on a popular shopping website beginning with “a” and ending in “mazon”, cooking my credit card for another camera bag – ultimately, the type My spouse and i should have looked at getting into the first place: a good-sized camera back pack that suited my photo taking needs (I was requiring to exercise more and so got into picture taking to make walking less boring) together significantly more space for kit I actually had accumulated. Once you get hooked on this hobby, camera accessories just seem to be to accumulate of their own accord therefore you seem to be almost powerless to avoid, as you see “just one more” accessory that might take your images to the next level. I like photography; my bank balance doesn’t.

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