Barber Shops of Portland – What is Old is New Again

Barber Shops of Portland – What is Old is New Again

Throughout the heyday of barbershops in Portland, the years between about 1880 and 1940, these were not only places the boys of the North Western city proceeded to go to get a hair cut or a shave but also centers of individual social activity, rivaling the local bars as a destination to fraternize with other men and “chew the fat”.

Over these years many barbershops in Portland were elegant places with stunning design. The chairs were created from the finest real wood with sumptuous leather furniture. Every element, from the shaving mugs to the advertising on the surfaces had an artistic blossom and yet still been able to feel homey and inviting. 

It had been the advantages of the safety razor blade that served barber retailers from coast to coast their first big blow. Gillette mass produced the first model in 1904, touting it as economical and simple alternative to a regular visit to the barbershop. Barbershops in Portland commenced to see a sharp disappear in business as men considered shaving at home instead making their regular vacation to the barber.

The drop continued over the many years to come. Two world wars and the clashes in Korea and Vietnam reduced the clientele of the barbershops of Portland so when the hippie culture invaded the complete country in 1960s and long frizzy hair became the fashion, some men went without a visit to the barbers for months. In the 1980s Portland men do once more embrace brief hair but many of them find the local the unisex hair salon rather than returning to the barbershop.

However, in the twenty first century the barbershop is enjoying something of the renaissance. There are barbershops in Portland that are getting back to the principles of yesterday and attracting a customers that is desperately seeking a bit respite from the hustle and bustle with their busy lives. Contemporary men, as concerned about their appearance his or her woman counterparts, are discovering that there really is a difference between a peal with a safety shaver and one with an aligned razor and that little can beat a haircut from a trained barber who specializes in men’s grooming.

Some of the best of these barbershops can are found in a place of Portland that has itself seen a number of changes over time Рthe Pearl Region. Once home to prevent after block of sunlight professional companies, somewhat rundown warehouses and a train yard or two up until about thirty years ago or so it was far from the best part of town. Resources: Barber Shop Balmain

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