Buffalo Grove Lime Kiln – Polo, Illinois – National Register of Historic Places

Buffalo Grove Lime Kiln – Polo, Illinois – National Register of Historic Places

Simply outside of the small Ogle County, Illinois city of Polo, if one pays enough attention, there is an immaculate, and restored, 19th century lime scale kiln. Lime once got many uses, including building mortars, lime was used in the mortars of many of the historic civilizations. Worldwide, relics of this era dot the countryside and just beyond Polo is a fine sort of an 1870s perpetual lime kiln. Venue hire manchester

The lime kiln is one of five properties possessed by the Polo Historic Society. The society began a restoration between 1992 and 1993 which cost around $10, 000 and mainly replaced loose mortar, the deteriorated wooden helpings, and cleared away overgrowth and debris. 

Buffalo Grove Lime Kiln is one of those places you wouldn’t know was there unless someone told you about it, you were a local, or you were very observant. Although if you understand about it (and are choose guidelines from the town librarian), its not hard to find. Leave Polo traveling west on Dixon Avenue until you come to the T at Galena Trail Road, where you will see a train bridge to your kept. The lime kiln is along a dirt street that intersects Galena Trek Road right in entry of the railroad link. There is a tiny signal marking the kiln’s location but it’s easy to miss.

When I travelled it was late January 2007, there was snow on a lawn, and our small car couldn’t make the climb in the incline so we parked on the other side of the railroad bridge, walked around to the dirt highway and hoofed it to the lime kiln.

Following hiking along the train tracks, flanked by Zoysia grass Creek for a 1 / 4 to half a mile we reached a fixing in the woods that was an old limestone quarry. Sheer cliffs continued to be from the excavations about 50 yards away from where the lime kiln stood, in front of the tracks.

10 years after the historical society initiated the restoration, the lime green kiln was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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