Build Your Affiliate Review Site – Quickly

Build Your Affiliate Review Site – Quickly

The review site model is well-established as an useful means for converting potential customers into buyers. Yet few affiliates understand how to build well-designed, attractive, and profitable review sites for their promotions. In this article I show you how to do just that.

When it comes to actually building your affiliate website, you have 3 options open to you:


Your first option is to build your site yourself, as an arranged of static HTML data. This means that your pages can be fabricated using some internet site building application like Dreamweaver. A few degree of application is required in order to discover how to use the site building software, but you can leverage those skills on future tasks. 

Additionally, this option will only cost you in the amount of time it will require you to build your site – though this could be several weeks or months, depending on your level of site building experience.


This kind of is the same as option [1], but rather than doing it yourself, you pay someone to do the work for you. This frees up your time, but you face the prospect of a bill that may run to $1000 or more. There is also no guarantee that the last site brought to you will meet your expectations. And so there is certainly an factor of risk associated with this option.


Also, it is possible to build your review site using software that was made for just that task. This kind of is just like using blogging and site-building software to create your blogs. The main big difference is the fact review site software is designed to COMPARE the essential features of a set in place of services or products. This is what makes it suitable for internet marketers.

As with learning an internet site building software package deal like Dreamweaver, or writing a blog software like WordPress, you will be required to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the review site building software before you build high quality review sites.

The advantage over option [1], where you create a static site based on templates, is that you can make pages that are incredibly structure in construction and which would be difficult to achieve if you were not using software to do it for you. You may also quickly make changes to your web web pages, and delete columns or rows from tables at the click of a button in a manner that just is not possible if you are building your template pages manually.

Although what about the expense of review site software? Fortunately, you can find inexpensive review site software that may the job will not it well. So economic climate is not a good reason for bypassing the software solution.

In addition to building your affiliate marketing website, there are a host of other issues that you need to think through plainly and take action on if you are going to succeed with your site and turn a revenue.

Super affiliate Jeremy Palmer has tackled the exact problems that affiliates face when they make a review site for their promotions. He calls his course the Black Printer Project, and options for finding review site software are presented in my report on his course.

The secret to building a review site that works well for affiliate marketing is to give attention to a tight niche and later review a handful of the best products or services that dominate a certain specific niche market. After all, it is absolutely only these few products that consumers want to know about, so you do not have to exhaust yourself by finding every product under the sun and diligently critiquing each of them.

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