Busting The Myths Behind Tattoo Removal

Busting The Myths Behind Tattoo Removal

Specific misinformation about laser skin icon removal floats around and has people believing that they cannot take good thing about new technological advances in this industry. People often hear and believe these lies to be true because they hear them so frequently. These common myths are dangerous; if someone hears a myth about something enough times they believe this can be a true truth, then they would use that wrongful information and even endanger their lives. This is important to know very well what the myths are about laser tattoo removal and understand what information is fake or true and why they are really so. SMP Hairlines

The first myth about laser skin image removal is that a laser hair removal lazer is able to remove a tattoo just as well as a laser beam tattoo removal laser. This can be myth cannot be further from the actual fact. Why is this wrong? Simple, the light heart beat waves from the curly hair removal laser functions in another way than the tattoo removing laser. A tattoo removing laser is significantly tougher than a hair removal laser beam in both light pulsations and wavelengths. Because of these facts, the hair removing laser is not enough to remove tattoo printer ink and can cause serious skin damage, pain and aggravation of skin. During tattoo removing the laser works to break the ink under the skin, so utilizing a hair laser only will bother the skin, as opposed to splitting up the tattoo like it should certainly do. 

The second myth about laser tattoo removal is the fact new tats cannot be removed and that you have to wait. This can be a rest. While it holds true that older tattoos are usually much easier to remove than new tattoo designs, it is not impossible to get rid of new tattoos. The reason some tattoos are harder to remove than others is all based mostly on the colours in the tattoos, the scale, the location of the skin image and the skin type of anyone who is getting removal. While lasers these days have become much better at being able to remove all colors, some colors are still harder to remove however, not impossible. If a tattoo struggles to be removed, it is likely the person does not have a strong defense mechanisms and it has little related to the laser or the tattoo itself.

The 3rd and final myth about laser tattoo removal is that a tattoo can be removed in a single treatment. This is far from reality which is not scientifically proven. Simply no tattoo can be completely removed in an one session. Even small, dark-colored tattoos demand a few periods to completely removed and again, it has little to do with the laser, but more the skin type and health of the patient.

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