Electronic Component Suppliers

Electronic Component Suppliers

You will see many suppliers of electronic digital components who will sell them in small amounts. Suppliers of new components, or in a few cases “new and some used” components, include Digi-Key (having blue LEDs, prices reasonable), Mouser Electronics (Fast service, $20 minimum, $5 charge under $20, move orders $100 minimum), Sea State Electronics (good collection of RF parts, especially air variables and BLACK AND WHITE coils), Radiokit (lots of components), Circuit Specialists Incorporation ( no minimum with check or money order, or else $15, good RF collection), Active Consumer electronics (many stores through the US and Canada, $25 minimum), Maplin Electronics Ltd. (UK), Newark Electronics ($25 minimum amount, prices on the greater area but have a whole lot of things that are hard to find elsewhere), Arrow Electronics, Inc. (minimum $25, accepts personal order also), MCM Electronics (minimum $20, mostly VCR parts and a lot of useful stuff difficult to find elsewhere), and Fordham Radio Supply (tools for technicians). Passive Components

Others include Jameco (computer parts and electronic components), JDR Microdevices (now no minimum order), Johnson Shop Products (new and some used digital components), DC Electronics (good collection of ICs and electronic components), International Pieces Corporation (capacitors, diodes, ICs, potentiometers, resistors, sockets; transistors), Kelvin Electronics (minimum 20 dollars, lots of electronic parts and tools), H & R Company (Herbach and Rademan) (minimum $25), David Birkitt (good stocks of new components and tools), N R Bardwell (cheap, good stocks of ICs), Surplus Electronics ( resistors, capacitors, and several semiconductors), 

Almost all Electronics Corp. (minimum $12, new and surplus electronics), Alltronics (surplus electronics, $12 minimum), American Science and Surplus (formerly JerryCo),

Hosfelt Electronics (surplus electronics), and Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. (surplus electronics).

Intended for specialty components, JAN Uric acid, Crystek Corporation, International Ravenscroft Manufacturing Co., Inc., Affectation Associates, Palomar Engineers, RF PARTS can be approached.

You can also check with wholesale directories to find details about suppliers of electronic components, compare prices and features, and finally make your choice.

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