Essential Japanese Gardening Tools

Essential Japanese Gardening Tools

You will discover four Essential Japanese Garden Tools needed to create a serene space. Every single gardener who understands that lifelong quality tools are better than cheaper tools that will need to be replaced every few years will appreciate using the product quality and affordability of Western tools. gardening tools

Japan has a centuries old tradition of blending nature, beauty, and creativity. In order to create these living works of art, the perfect tools have been wanted after and developed as well. 

This is a short set of essential Japanese garden tools:

Japanese Hand Pruners

These types of razor sharp blades are being used in world famous landscapes. In Japan, these side pruners are probably the most used tool in a gardener’s repertoire. These kinds of reliable hand pruners are some of the most effective clippers on the market, and they also keep their clean cutting border for many years. Japanese hand pruners, including the Okatsune brand, contend with other familiar brands such as Felco. That they are professional quality, life-long garden companions, and a price you can manage.

Japanese Shears

These shears are probably the second most important tool in order to create the beautiful tamamono mounds and hedges present in Japanese backyards. These blades smooth and swift and permit you to prune for hours due to their lightweight.

Often when people think of gardens in Japan they have an image of a sizable bonsai-like sculpted pine tree. Even so, when you truly look at a garden you will observe that although specimen woods are appreciated, they only fit into the picture smoothly due to finely sheared background trees and tamamono blob-shaped bushes. You can even have a lovely and natural Japanese-style garden without specimen trees, nevertheless, you aren’t have one without the sheared background mounds. No longer neglect the value of Japanese people hedge shears.

Essential Japan Garden Tools, Pt. 2 is a continuation of an earlier blog written about the a number of the basic tools needed in the Japanese Garden. We all are continuing this because one of your most often questions is “What type of tools are necessary for Japanese gardening, and light beer any different from european tools? ”

The second option part of the question can be summed up with a major YES, they may be different. Japanese gardens have recently been around for centuries and the introduction of the perfect tools to produce these works of art has also been a continuing process that surpasses most american tools. The average tool sold at the hardware store and big-box store has been dumbed down due to average brute pressure used with many garden tools.

The beauty of Japanese gardens lies in the precision and depth given to the trimming and maintenance of the gardens. The following are often overlooked Essential Japanese people Garden Tools:

Japanese Hands Saws

From my experience in gardening in Asia I have found the particular straight-handled Japanese hand saws work best for myself. This is mostly do to the fact that I often times have to climb up up in the forest and prune. Having a set blade I can grab it, unbutton it from the wooden sheath, and put it to use with only one hand, allowing me to keep one hand for balancing in the woods. The folding saws are also well-made and even more small. You also have to take into consideration that, yes, you will look like a cowboy with the fixed blade style strapped to your stomach!

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