Free To Try Audiobooks

Free To Try Audiobooks

Although a lot of people have now read of audiobooks, it’s a fairy safe be that almost all of these people have not actually taken a moment to consider just what an audiobook is. free audiobooks online

Following all, unless you lately had an clear interest in audiobooks, why would you take such an interest?

Likewise, some people, perhaps people who might tell you that they don’t like books, will shy away from audio books, simply due to name, and the image that name might conjure up on their behalf. 

This is a waste in several ways, because audiobooks can be, and can do, much more now than their name might suggest.

Of course, the very name audiobook will tell you that it is a reserve that you can gain access to in audio tracks format.

Which in turn is, of course totally correct. There are many thousands of great audiobook titles out there on the market that are literally pre-existing books that are read onto an audio tracks soundtrack for you, the listener.

That explanation is, in itself, almost childishly simple, yet at the same time, extremely accurate, as far as it goes.

As the owner of my own online audiobook store at [], I can tell you that even this incredibly simplistic explanation hides a couple of very key elements which somewhat make clear the rapidly increasing popularity of audiobooks.

1st, in the same way that we can all talk quicker than we can write (or strike a keyboard) everyone can listen much more quickly than we can read. Also, we can listen closely wherever we could, and whatever we are doing, again, unlike reading a written book, which is something you can only do when the circumstances allow.

Thereby, audiobooks are an incredibly helpful and convenient alternative to the written word, although I might privately argue that audiobooks can not replace the written message.

The second thing about listening to an audiobook, assuming that you are listening o a high quality production (and you definitely should be! ) then the narrator or reader will be a top professional.

Sometimes this narrator might b the creator of the original written work himself (of herself), sometimes a famous actor or sometimes a not-so famous actor who, in fact, is an experienced professional in voice-overs and music text readings.

All of these different groups will bring their own understanding to the audiobook textual content, and three each person may indeed bring totally different interpretations.

For you, as a listener, this provides the possibility to hear, for example, an e reserve that you have already read in a completely different voice, within an totally new light.
Certainly, for me, as someone who listens to many audiobooks, this is one of the great wonders of the music medium. I know how I actually imagine the story to be told, but other folks can tell if quite differently, making it, in some cases, almost a fresh story!

However, in all of those situations, we are talking a bout written books being transposed into an music soundtrack, and here we come to the main reason audiobook is, in fact, slightly misleading as a product title.

In many cases, audiobooks are not books at all!

Speeches, talks, sales pitch, radio and TV shows, each one is available as audiobooks, although, of course, they were never books I the true sense of the phrase.

For example, in my own store, I have brilliant Website marketing presentations from industry leading figures such as John Reese and Armand Morin, lined up alongside BBC comedy timeless classics (some free) and many, many radio favorites of the 50’s and sixties from both sides of the Atlantic!

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