Giants of Pro Wrestling

Giants of Pro Wrestling

Specialist wrestling has always made welcome gigantic performers into the ring. The audience also loves gigantic performers because large men portray an air of intimidation that smaller men do not. In fact, the play fighting world is so passionate with size that it often over-bills wrestlers’ elevation and weight statistics to get them to seem to be like much larger than life characters. Sadly, though, size does not necessarily translate to a single being a good in-ring the performer. On the contrary, for some wrestlers, their size was the key thing that kept them from doing at full potential! wrestlemania 34 results

This is the set of pro wrestling’s five tallest and recognized wrestlers, and a short history of their professions:

1. Kane – Although not the biggest in the list, Kane was primarily billed at 6th foot 8 inches extra tall. Compared to a normal sized man, that is very big! However, Sl?de has confessed to using platforms to make him look taller, so his real height will always remain a mystery. 

Even so, when it comes to performance, Kane is a solid wrestler. He is fast, strong and snello, and most importantly secure, unlike other big wrestlers who seem to be wobbly prove feet. Kane has recently been in the organization for 20 years, and has earned the world championship 3 x as the Big Purple Machine.

2. The Undertaker – Billed at 6th feet 10 inches large, it is not necessary to introduce the Dead Man! Not only has he been trimming good promos all his life, he can also a wonderful wrestler. His move sets are quite unique to a man his size, especially his high-flying moves, that look all the more spectacular credited to his stature. The professional wrestling world will always remember The Undertaker for his theatrics, his WrestleMania streak, and his undying loyalty to Vince McMahon and his company during the Monday Evening Wars.

3. Big Present – Billed at several feet 2 inches, Big Show is an extra tall man. He is also quite heavy, and that makes him look much larger than any other wrestlers in this list. Again, despite his size Big Show was quite athletic, especially during his early days. Some of his greatest matches are just spectacular to watch, more so when this individual went against opponents who were in the same way strong as he was. People will probably never forget the time if he choke slammed The Undertaker through the ring, or when the ring collapsed under his and Brock Lesnar’s weight after a damaging superplex. Actually, people probably will never really forget the Big Show, due to his size and good in-ring ability.

4. The Great Khali – When ever he debuted, The Great Khali was primarily recharged at 7 feet 3 inches, however it was later reduced to several feet 1 inch. In contrast to other giants, Khali performed not receive much recognition, as his in-ring capability was very limited. Quickly, people started “You won’t be able to wrestle” chants, which probably put the final toenail in the coffin, as Khali later performed as a comedic character rather than a proper wrestler.

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