“Grey’s Anatomy” Title Origins and Controversy Surrounding Emmy Nominated Drama Series

“Grey’s Anatomy” Title Origins and Controversy Surrounding Emmy Nominated Drama Series

Grey’s Anatomy, taking its name of course from the medical book Gray’s Structure, authored by Henry Grey and first published in 1858 in the uk 1859 in the United States. Formerly airing as a substitute for ABC’s Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy made it is debut on March 28, 2005. Since then the show has seen quite a lot of success, and it is currently in the sixth season. My Mad Fat Diary

The show orbits around the lives of several surgeons and the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis, including Meredith Blue colored who is played by Ellen Pompeo. Other person surgeons on Grey’s Structure include Cristina Yang played out by Sandra Oh, Izzie Stevens played by Katherine Heigl, Alex Karev played out by Justin Chambers as well as some others. Some of the additional roles on the show are played by James Pickens, Jr. who plays the chief of surgery Richard Webber, and Patrick Dempsey playing Derek Shepherd, head of neurosurgery.

Inspite of the amount of celebrity and success Grey’s Physiology and its particular stars have liked throughout the course of its five seasons, the show is not without its share of hot debate. At the beginning of season 3 in August of 2006, actor Isaiah Washington (who at the time was playing the role of Preston Burkie, Cardiothoracic Surgery) was dismissed from the show for alleged remarks selection about the real-life sexual orientation of fellow actor T. Ur. Knight (who plays George O’Malley). In addition to this situation, Grey’s Structure found itself at the head of controversy again after the firing of Brooke Smith; she enjoyed Erica Hahn, head of Cardiothoracic Surgery; she was Preston Burke’s replacement. The controversy came because Brooke Smith was playing a gay character.

Love it or hate it, Grey’s Anatomy has obviously made its mark on popular America. And there is little doubt that it will continue to do so well into the future. Check out the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy online.

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