Hair Regrowth Formula Facts, Simple Tips & Honest Answers

Hair Regrowth Formula Facts, Simple Tips & Honest Answers

Locks regrowth formulas are a multimillion dollar industry these days; there are hundreds to choose from, but what kind is the right one for you? Rushing out to the drug store buying the first the one which appears like it might work well, could be a major mistake. Hairloss treatments, especially hair growth products for men, are filled with chemicals that could actually make your hair drop out even faster! New Hair Loss Treatment

Curly hair loss and thinning can happen for various easily treatable reasons. You may well not even need to go out and buy an expensive hair treatment, when the answer to healing your hair loss could be as easy as changing your diet, lowering stress, changing the brand of your shampoo or going for a nutrient rich dietary supplement to help your locks grow. 

But since you are one of the hundreds of thousands of folks stricken with genetic hair loss and you aren’t sick of bald locations and thinning, it’s time to start out shopping for a healthy hair regrowth formulation that won’t blister your scalp, make your eye burn or turn your ears green.

Who would like to put Butane, Cetyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, and Propane on their top of the head? Not me that is made for sure, but those will be the ingredients listed in one of the very popular hair growth formulas for men and women in the Combined States. Another popular locks loss product has some alarming side effects including acne, impotence and labor and birth defects!

Regrowing your curly hair doesn’t have to be a risky endeavor however, there are a few natural hair regrowth treatments on the marketplace which may have been proven harmless and effective. Procerin is the one that has natural ingredients and includes the hottest key ingredient in fighting hairloss: Saw Palmetto.

Saw Palmetto is a tropical berry extract used to improve skin and scalp conditions and reverse hair damage. Saw palmetto lowers the levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in your body by blocking receptors on the cell membranes. DHT is the main cause of genetic hair loss then when it is reduced, new curly hair can grow unobstructed.

Applying hair regrowth formulas that block DHT levels and encourage new hair roots to grow is a necessary step in curing your curly hair loss, but you also need to fortify the health of your top of the head.

Provillus is yet another leading natural hair restoration formula that includes found palmetto, nevertheless they take their formula a step further by including vitamins such as B6, Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium and Horsetail Silica to help rejuvenate your scalp with essential nutrition. Natural moisturizing extracts such as Gota Kola, Eleuthro, Uva-Ursi, and pumpkin olive oil are also incorporated into this natural hair growth formula to stimulate ideal hair growth.

Its important to remember to decided to go with a hair regrowth solution that incorporates ingredients not only for hair regrowth, but the one that naturally fortifies your scalp, safely moisturizes your hair follicles and softly stimulates growth without scorching your scalp!

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