How to Keep Your Shaving Razor Sharper and Last Longer

How to Keep Your Shaving Razor Sharper and Last Longer

Since almost all of us men know, the expense of disposable razors has been rising constantly within the last 10 to 15 years. Razor manufacturers have recently been adding extra blades, moisturising strips and raised silicone strips to lift the hairs. While almost all of these additions to the normal throw-aways razor have helped give us closer shaves with less irritation, the increased cost of these cutting blades has been giving men everywhere a burning sense in their wallets. A lot of of the latest types of disposables can cost up to $18. 00 for a 4 packs. That amounts to $4. 50 per razor!!! With the average man tossing away a razor every 4 days to every week the price tag on shaving can get a little pricey. twin blade disposable razors bulk

Just about all men feel that the action of cutting through the hairs custom logo face is what dulls the cutting tool and renders the shaver head useless. While this is true to a tiny degree, it is not the key cause of knife degradation. So what is the key cause you ask, H20. Read that right, the normal water you use during your shave and rinse off your blade is what causes almost all of the dulling of the blades. 

Therefore how does water boring a stainless steel shaver blade, Oxidation. As you probably already know, normal water oxidizes metal. This oxidation process is usually known as corrosion. Picture any piece of metal which was left outdoors to long. Now picture that on the microscopic level. That is why your razor does not feel as sharp as it did 4 days before.

Exactly what do you do to prevent your disposable razor from becoming dull and having to throw it away too soon? There are many methods out there that are a little on the crazy side, such as cryogenically freezing your razor blade, freezing your razor in the freezer or inserting it in a permanent magnet field. But none of these methods have any proof supporting them, and c’mon, who is absolutely going to cryogenically free there shaver every morning?

So We have compiled some attempted and true techniques to extend the life of your razor and are a little more on the practical side.

Drying your razor

When you are done completely rinsing of your shaver. Shake it slightly to get any excess drinking water off of the rotor blades.
Use a towel to dry off the cutting blades. Tend not to drag your razor blade through the towel, but pat or blot your razor blade on the towel.
You can also use a blow dryer for 10 to 15 seconds to be sure that there is no water on the blades. Do not overdue it as the heat can warp the blades if they get too hot. If your dryer has a cool shot button, you can put it to use to blow off any water without being concerned about warping the knife.
Storing your Razor cutting tool

If you want to store your razor in the bathroom, it compensates to place it in an airtight plastic tote. This will maintain your wetness from showering from the cutting blades and will help prevent oxidation.
The best option is to store your razor outside of the bathroom.
One of many worst places to store your knife is near the bathe. This is the source of a lot of steam and splashing and will accelerate the dulling of your blades.
Chaffing Alcohol

Placing a few drops or dipping your blade in a glass of rubbing alcohol can help remove moisture from your blades.
The alcoholic beverages will dry quickly and may help keep the cutting tool dry.
An added profit to this technique is that the alcohol will kill any bacteria that is on your cutting blades and can help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.
Honing your Rotor blades

Have your ever seen a well used movie where a barber is rubbing a straight razor along on a piece of leather? He could be not doing this to sharpen the cutter, he is this process to hone the blade. Focusing is basically straightening small bends and nicks in the blade to provide a closer shave. The same principal pertains to kitchen knives. There are two methods that I have noticed of to achieve this.

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