How to Plan and Implement a Small Research Project

How to Plan and Implement a Small Research Project

Intended for the novice researcher, planning, implementing and reporting over a research project can be daunting tasks. This article presents a three-month construction which could provide to bring a tiny study to an appropriate conclusion. monografis funciona

Month One

During the first month create a matter or identify the research problem to be investigated. The wording of subject areas will change an amount of that time period specially when one becomes knowledgeable about the literature in the spot and with continued personal reflection. Having created a topic or determined the problem, it will have the need to justify the research. To assist in this subject ask the following question, ‘Can the perfect solution to the challenge be found in a book, research article or via online sources? ‘ This question is important because there is no need to engage in an investigation project if the challenge has been properly addressed within an article, book or online source. 

At this stage, determine who the participants will be and the best way to invite those to participate; consider ethical issues; research techniques and process; formulate research questions and inform key stakeholders of research plan.

The process of reviewing the materials by performing personal search of various data-bases, websites and periodicals and writing a review should commence. Employing the help of the library staff in locating books and doing further online searches should also occur. We recommend that library staff is given sufficient time to properly engage in the method. Invite participants and tell them of dates and times they would be needed and type(s) of data collection method(s) to be used.

Month Two

The main activities for month two is the collection of information. This will include the selection or construction and piloting of the collection instrument(s). During this second month point out to participants with their dedication to participate. There is certainly however the need for great flexibility. This is especially important if a face-to-face interview is required for there might be the need to reschedule such an event for a participant who may be unable to make the agreed date and time. Other activities within this month may include: booking and setting up a room for interviews; executing the data collection process; starting the analysis of the data and continuing with the review of books.

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