Immigrants to America: Tips on Surviving and Getting Along

Immigrants to America: Tips on Surviving and Getting Along

My personal answer is, welcome to America. Many people are from someplace else like you. Our forefathers came here to get away an undesirable country, were stolen from our desired country and sent here, or were tossed here as prisoners from their home country. Some came up seeking wealth, power or were motivated by spiritual fanaticism to steal, beat and destroy. Immigration To America

Whatever reason you are here is your own. The things about you are quite not the same as those that you left. Let me try to point many of these things out and make clear possible ways to survive.


You will see a whole lot of signs and tutorial messages just about almost everywhere you decide to go. No matter how well you speak and read English, many will mind-boggle you. Here are a few.


In small stores and restaurants during winter, sometimes a sign is put nearby the door. The control is erroneous. In this instant, WIPE YOUR FOOT, methods to wipe the bottom level of your shoes on the mat or carpet that is nearby the door. Please do not remove your shoes and clothes and wipe your toes!


This communication is printed on large boxes nearby the exits of fast-food restaurants. The concept has nothing to do with the function of the box. The container is perfect for trash. Your left over food, paper, napkins, and so on should be tossed in this marked “THANK YOU” as you exit.


This kind of question makes no sense. This is employed by someone trying to get the most personal information about you. It may be legal or it might not exactly be. Of course, for government officials, you would interpret this idiotic assertion, “What is your Sociable? ” to mean: What is you social security number?


You will hear this bizarre question from however, educated. It really means, “May I help you? inches


This means, “Are you finished? ”


Avoid leave your baby away from store in the buggy while you go shopping.

Many places in America consider this criminal though it was acceptable where you originated from.

Teenagers don’t hitch-hike. In a few civilized countries, this is secure. Please, do not hitch-hike in the United. S. Young people have been killed along highway hitch-hiking after being picked out up.


The hours of the day are divided in an old system. The morning hours are postceded by the abstract A. M meaning anti – meridian (before noon). Following noon hours are shown as P. M. that means post meridian. For example 2 P. M is 1400 Hrs. 6 S. M. would be 1750 Hrs. For the twenty four states, there are 3 time zones. Whether it is on the lookout for A. M in San Francisco, it is doze Noon in Washington, G. C.

Americans have the actual call a birthday yearly. I know that it doesn’t appear sensible, but it’s actually their birthday anniversary. To add to the confusion, Americans rely their age from each anniversary. For example, the ten year old would really be in their eleventh year of living. Get the picture? Carry out you understand?

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