In Texas, the Ultrasound Technician Salary Is Well Above the State Average

In Texas, the Ultrasound Technician Salary Is Well Above the State Average

Should you stay in Texas or are intending to move to Texas, you should be thrilled to learn that the ultrasound specialist salary base in The state of texas compares quite favorably with the rest of the country when you factor in the expense of living. Ultrasound technician salary

Arizona has one of the strongest economies in the U. S. By 08, Texas had a major state product of $1. 224 trillion, rendering it the other highest in the region, with a per household personal income of $36, 484 as of 2009 (29th in the nation). Although the per household income is under the national average, the price tag on charges in Texas are so low that it bills out to a higher level00 of living. 

However, your potential customers in this field for a salary in Arizona that will beat the state average are incredibly good indeed. As of 2009, there were approximately 583 hospitals in your Tx, with about 81, 009 beds. Since many of the hospitals give a full range of services, you can rely on most, if not all, of which having a strong need for ultrasound technicians.

In fact, as of August, 2011, the average ultrasound technician salary in Texas statewide is $51, 000. 00 – well above the statewide average income. And the salaries in various Tx cities are also well above the national average.

Ultrasound technicians are in demand nationwide due to the leading edge nature of the technology. Officially known as “diagnostic medical sonographers”, they operate high technical machinery that uses high frequency sound as a diagnostic device. It is considered cheaper than other advanced systems such as MRI or CAT tests, yet much safer than older technologies such as x-rays, since it does not rely on potentially damaging ionizing radiation.

Following is a comparative set of incomes.

Ultrasound Technician Salary In The Top Ten Arizona Cities As Of July, 2011:

1 ) Harrisburg: $51, 000. 00
2. San Antonio: $42, 1000. 00
3. Dallas: $51, 000. 00
4. Austin tx: $47, 000. 00
5. Fort Worth: $47, 1000. 00
6. El Transito: $42, 000. 00
several. Arlington: $51, 000. 00
8. Corpus Christi: 50 bucks, 000. 00
9. Superficie: $52, 000. 00
15. Laredo: $50, 000. 00

These salaries will change, depending on proximity to the location in question and the income level of the community. Making use of the Houston area for an illustration, in places like Pasadena, Texas and Jacinto City, Texas, it is $52, 000. 00, while in Deer Park, Arizona, it is $53, 1000. 00.

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