Learning From the Tennis Pros on How to Win Tournaments

Learning From the Tennis Pros on How to Win Tournaments

Not long ago i enjoyed watching Andy A-rod win the Sony Ericsson open tournament on Easter Sunday. If you have watched Andy Roddick play over the past five years, you can see that his game has changed. In this article I need share my thoughts on Roddick’s game, what I think he is succeeding, and applications to competitive tennis players. https://wimbledonupdates.com

The Sony Ericsson tournament is one level below the Grand Slams. It was Roddick’s first win since 2006, and at this time in 2010, Andy Roddick has a record of 26-4 going to the Monte Carlo Owners tournament April 12th. During the press conference, A-rod summarized his play as follows: he played well at the big occasions, he executed his game plan well, and this individual was encouraged by his performance in many areas. 

What are some of the takeaways you can take from Roddick’s play in your tennis game. I have summarized the most notable three tips from A-rod which are based on clues from his interview. One clue from the quote is that this individual had a gameplan. Through the final match, Roddick really changed up his cva choice and repeatedly used a slice backhand to force his tall challenger ( Tomas Berdych is 6-foot-5) to hit the ball at ankle level. This prevented Berdych from hitting his forehands with power.

The second take away from Roddick is his will, determination, and drive. This concentrate on enhancing his game meant selecting a new coach, reducing your weight, and practice. Roddick has lost 10 pounds, better his foot speed, and developed a more well-rounded game. We saw the improvement starting to take condition through 2009. Roddick made it to the titles of Wimbledon last year. Every this work was forwent by soul-searching. Roddick recently had some poor event performances during 2008, and he started questioning if his career was on the decline. For him, there is no way to know if his professional tennis career was over until he gave him or her self every chance to succeed.

The third and final carry-out from Roddick that was on display during the Sony Ericsson Open was consistency. Even Roddick accepted that day that it wasn’t really his help that was winning the match for him but the rest of his game. For example, A-rod was comfortable to reconcile into long rallies that lasted more than twelve strokes. One rally survived 29 strokes. More showing, when you look at the statistics, Roddick devoted only 16 unforced mistakes throughout the match. When you can get started to move and hit the ball more than ten-times again to your opponent without error, you will earn tournaments.

In summary, are you thinking about your opponent and crafting a game plan? Will you be hitting lots of tennis balls and doing exercises daily to keep fit and tune up your tennis strokes? Are you centering on developing consistency and practicing high percentage rugby? Taking these tips from Andy’s finals match be successful will surely improve your tennis game.

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