Orbs and the Manifestation of Anomaly

Orbs and the Manifestation of Anomaly

With all the advent of Skype, an internet communicative tool that allows one to not only talk to other voices on the world but to see them as well as if they can be in your living room, I am able to wax and decline philosophically, theoretically and speculatively with others in the field. Such a wonderful and beautiful tool that simultaneously denies space and time their normal limitations and laws. ghost orbs photos

It is with the use of Skype that My spouse and i have had the capacity to skin out my theories and speculative ruminations in such a way as to convey those to all with an approachability and an accessibility. The best person to bounce ideas off of at this point in time is none other than the lovely Master of science. Deirdre O’Lavery or as you may know her, The Interstellar Housewife. 

Lately, what with all of the tumultuousness during a call we have both been experiencing, we have found solace in a single another’s thoughts and ideas, usually over a good beer or a delightful wine in the early, small hours of the morning.

Last night was just such an evening and at one point in the enlightening dialogue, one of us took place to deliver the anomalous trend of orbs. I feel that I brought up how Nick Redfern was making a connection between orb activity and the current expression of entities and art. I am going to expound with this idea somewhat and see how it resonates with you, for again, that is the way i learn, grow and train.

This isn’t so much a deviation from the norm of my writing as it is a contraction of the wider conceptualizations that I normally present; one step down or in between if you will.

I have written and expounded at great length on my Psychoterrestrial Theory as the cumulative a result of the Human Collective Unconscious Mind touching or chaffing against or forgetting it is link with Gaia Mind wherein the location of do away with or connection perhaps manifests anomalous activity or things. A smaller version of my theory will show in a speculative characteristics, an opportunity of what this Touchpoint or connecting point of the two consciousness’ may look like.

Permit us look at this Touchpoint of Consciousness as a raw construct or foundation if you will. It can be perhaps plasmic subject or energy oriented that is psycho-responsive or active through thought and requirement. To start with I would straight away like to make a guess as to the physical origins of this plasmic matter just to give it a research. This is not to say that my conjecture is correct but more to provide us a guide point of convenience as the egoic act of reasoning and rationality almost demands it.

I have heard and read of instances wherein plasma-like activity has been recorded in relation to tectonic activity and vulcanism as well as finding such plasmics associated with densely recharged electromagnetically anomalous regions in the world including the Bermuda Triangle. I possess seen photographs of plasmics associated with weather by means of brilliantly colored sprites or offshootings of energy jutting erratically from the surfaces of storm clouds. This seems the most frequent form of these plasmics, if related to one another, is sphere or orb-like and they have been experienced in all manner and variation of primary colors.

In all of these cases, plasmics appear to be solely of Globe origin and the obviousness of this goes without saying. What I are curious about is actually their purposing might be and how interactive with Mind they might be if at all.

We are, most of us, beings comprised of light and mostly clear matter. The thought of a like thing relating interactively with another like thing, from this standpoint will not seem to be so strange. Only at a subconscious level are things perceived as apart from and separate from. By a completely subjective perspective, there is merely the viewer as well as its extensions and predictions.

Right now, with the idea that the orbs or plasmics are probably the conscious machinations of the entire world, we will commence to take a position more as to their possible use and mother nature of purpose.

Google has been my good friend in where I have found many sober data files of anomalous phenomena with regards to orb activity in which the orbs were the precursor to the much more dramatic event that is seen as the compelling thing. That is not to say that the orbs weren’t again witnessed once the said major event had taken place. In my opinion, the orbs are the more subtle but compelling thing.

I have found accounts of orb activity in almost every type of esoteric new trends such as cryptid situations, UFO’s, entities, ghosts, electromagnetically anomalous regions as well as some cases less anomalously phenomenological such as concentration and meditation focused spiritual practices.

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