Photographing A Football Game

Photographing A Football Game

My oh my September is here. The word September means so many things; kids are back in school, chiller mornings, shorter days, growing plants is winding down, canning is at full gear and of course the best for last. IT IS USUALLY FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! stream nfl games live free online

Chances are you may attend a football game in 2010, be it pro (not in Montana), college, high institution or your youth participating in contact or flag sports. Regardless of what game you show up at, at least in my mind, it is fun to bring along a camera. 

So now the question is: How you can Image a Football Game?????

Gloomy weather will become your friend, it is great lighting, it is even, no direct, bright sunshine light. With clouds there are fewer harsh dark areas.

A fun way to shoot a sport, like football is from the beginning. It adds an interesting aspect and you are more able to catch the eyes of anybody you are taking photos of. Shooting from the surface in the fall can cause its own problems, so bring an umbrella or coat that can act as an earth barrier, or a moist butt could be the end result.

A technique to photographing sports is to photograph an sportsperson and try not to follow the game. Generally by the time you want to photograph a play, the play is over. Adhere to player, or follow the ball. The game is very interesting to see from a players standpoint or the balls point of view. Put your good hearing ears on to get breaks hanging around, time away, and other things which can be good image opps.

Be able to the football game early on, some great shots can be caught during practice, the sport nerves, chatting with friends, player conversations, referee conversations and perhaps even girls, ew, hope not.

Move around the field, shoot from up high (in the stands), on the ground, from the sideline, try the final sector for an unique point of view. The 15 yard range can bring some great shots, plays may break away at this point. Catch facial expressions after a play, agony, exhilaration, etc. Catch other players, the coach, the referee, and the crowd.

Following the game is finished is CERTAINLY NOT the time to leave. Catch your chosen team or your athlete with the coach. Catch the sentiment of the game after the game, when the crowds are gone and it is merely your team, your athlete.

Remember 3 Parts to a Photography: Know your subject, Target on the niche, Simplify your subject.

Therefore you think you got the shot, overlooked the shot, was it in focus? SO WHAT?. Just keep on filming. Take lots of photographs.

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