Rainproof Shoes – The Technology, Benefits and Buying Tips

Rainproof Shoes – The Technology, Benefits and Buying Tips

Like the majority of parents, when you are looking to buy rainproof shoes, boots or coaches for yourself or your children you should ensure they are going to perform well in wet and rainy conditions so that your feet are not cold and soggy during all of those other day! Of course when you do go shopping for your shoes you will want to make sure that you are getting the most sage advice and a good deal. This article will provide you with a clear reason of the technology in back of waterproof shoes and offers you some important buying tips to enable you to be comfortable in your purchase. Suede Sprays

The Benefits of Waterproof Shoes or boots

The introduction of water-proof and breathable membranes into footwear was obviously a relief for many consumers. The ordeal of dealing with soggy feet and socks using a particularly immediate downpour, just to be made worse by your child splashing in puddles, all of a sudden became a thing of the past. 

Another feature welcomed by consumers was your breathable membrane which fits neatly inside the shoe, encasing the ft . in a sweat free environment and ensuring ‘smelly’ shoes are a thing of the past. With the foot no much longer trapped in a hot and sweaty environment, there was far less chance of bacteria breeding and leading to itchy and unsightly Athletes Foot.

The Technology Behind the Water resistant Breathable Membrane

Just how was the membrane that has are an essential aspect of adults and kids toes formerly discovered? Well, all of it started when scientists at W. L Gore and Associates Inc. in the USA were working on a stretched polymer technology. They managed to build a new material which just lately had an incredible on the lookout for billion tiny pores every square inch. These minute pores were about 20, 000 times smaller than a droplet of drinking water but 700 times bigger than moisture vapour (or sweat) molecules. Hence, drinking water or rain droplets could penetrate the membrane, while warm moisture made from a body was attracted away to evaporate. The membrane was called GORE-TEX.

The Waterproof Membrane In Shoes

As with brand new technological advances the GORE-TEX membrane was first used in professional applications. Nevertheless, once the opportunity in the consumer market was discovered it was soon implemented in performance outer-wear and quickly progressed into walking boots and ski boots.

A Membrane Sandwich Found in Our Shoes

A great feature of this membrane layer was uncovered when researchers ‘sandwiched’ it between two conventional fabrics. It was found that provided that the two fabrics either lateral were breathable then the waterproof and breathing properties of the complete ‘sandwich’ remain unaffected. Thus GORE-TEX could be put next to breathable materials such as leather, suede, some fabrics as well as some PU’s. This cutting-edge meant it could be adopted into more popular components of footwear.

May technology Defeat Children’s Wet Feet?

It is just a little known fact that children’s ft have exactly the same range of sweat glands as an adults but spread out out over a much smaller surface area. One more little known fact is that all foot sweats on average an egg-cup packed with moisture every day! Is it any wonder then that we find out ft prone to being wet and hot?

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