Seeing the Big Picture at Austin’s IMAX Theater

Seeing the Big Picture at Austin’s IMAX Theater

If you want to see a plain, old movie, you can find any number of theatres playing all sorts of mainstream films throughout Austin. Action, horror, romance and drama are only a short walk, bus ride or car trip away. But when you’ve finished seeing the show, you may wish that there had been a little more flair and panache to truly make that 10-dollar ticket worth it. You’ll be mildly disappointed (even if tit was the best film of the year) as you wander home, thinking you should have made a different choice. You should have gone to the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum and seen a film in Austin’s only IMAX theatre. 

IMAX technology uses the film frame ten times the size of the conventional 35mm film – in fact, it is the largest in the industry – to give viewers a truly unique motion picture format. The impact and size of the images alone send viewers into sheer thrill and intrigue, as they watch scene after scene of whatever may currently be featured.

The lineup changes from time to time, with shows such as U23D, but there is always one mainstay: Texas the Big Picture, funded by the Texas State History Museum, ExxonMobil and the State of Texas, is a film that retells the story of Texas, including the myth, the majesty and the magnitude of the state, in a way no other theatre could. Its information stretches from the Rio Grande and Western Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. It is truly a big film, on a big screen, offering you the big picture.

If you want to see the film or another, you should keep in mind that there is no late seating at IMAX, so arrive on time. However, you probably don’t have to worry about not getting a seat – the theatre is able to seat 389 people. As a highly accessible site, the theatre welcomes individual with additional needs: assisted living devices, Rear Window captioning and Audio Description for the visually impaired are available upon request. And with a lobby that can easily hold 150 individuals, large groups are also ushered in with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Events are also a common occurrence at the IMAX. The lobby and high number of seats make it an ideal location for dinner and a movie with 100 of your closest friends and colleagues. If you would like to reserve the area, you can contact the theatre for dates and time availability. Packages, which could include any other portion of the museum, can be arranged with your interests in mind. The possibility is at your finger tips – you simply must act, and act fast to obtain the tickets, because once word spreads, there will be no keeping the hoards out.

So if you’re looking for a one of a kind, thrilling hour, consider Austin’s IMAX. It will take you for a trip beyond your wildest dreams. Of course, if you would rather wander down to the regular theatre, by all means. But be aware that if not boredom, monotony awaits.

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