UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

Following winning last season’s release, Manchester United FC lead the entries for the 2008/09 UEFA Champions Category, that can conclude on Thursday 27 May 2009 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome; the question that rises is “can they repeat? inches¬†uefa.championsleagueticketsbooking.com

Last season Manchester United could say they questionable had their best season for an extensive, lengthy time. Bautizado Ronaldo (Premier League top scorer and World player of the year) and Wayne Rooney helped succeed two big titles, the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. The two made millions of Pounds. 

Problem this year will be in what order the ‘big four’ will be positioned. Can any team break into the elite group of golf equipment that are dominating English language football? I will say it is possible!! Searching further down the group; can your newly advertised teams survive in the Premier League? Why not! They are prepared already.

Look at the ‘big four’. Manchester United has not brought any new bodies in (not that they need) but they have lost someone significant, Tony Coton. Why will Coton be missed? Basic, best goalkeeping coach Gatwick United has ever got and even though the knee injury retired him for good, he will be someone to look for advice in a future.

Man Utd has survived the ‘Ronaldo saga’ and live to battle another day. All in all it is often a peaceful summer for Manchester Combined. Alex Ferguson has said over the last few days that he dreams to sign at the very top player soon (the name Robinho keeps popping inside my head).

I don’t like to predict, but would expect Man Utd to be in the best two or I can foresee the future and say accidents could play a move. Why? Well, besides the reality this championship is being played in a “battle field” any accidental injuries to key men like Ronaldo, Rooney or Tevez may mean they could struggle to score goals, has happened before; this was a problem that did occur at times last season, but like earlier mentioned, Ferguson is tracking a striker and this could put an end to any obvious flaw in the team.

Now, how much is Chelsea willing to risk winning this year? Good, Scolari, Deco, Porto… need I say more? Of course I do, what about the dramatic change in tactics. Chelsea is going all the way, so do not surprised to see them playing another UEFA final game against Manchester United once again. Maybe you are thinking “will Chelsea focus more on the Champions Category rather than the Premier Category? ” That sort of rational could ambition the title near Manchester.

Gatwick United is with certainly on top of the pile, not only in your area, but on the Euro front. The latest crop of players is unquestionably the finest manager Sir. Alex Ferguson has had at his retention in his twenty two year influence, but who of the pretenders can make a strong declare as being genuine representatives this season? Will the ‘Big Four’ charge further away, or can others shorten the gap?

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