With Online Tailoring Every Suit Has A Silver Lining

With Online Tailoring Every Suit Has A Silver Lining

Designed to Measure Benefits But With no Travelling.

In my grandfather’s time, if you wanted a made-to-measure suit, or other garment, then the tailor was probably just along the high-street. Visiting him in order to get “measured up” and again for a fitting or two was not a problem as it could be finished with simply a short walk. https://ahandtailoredsuit.co.uk/contacting-us/

Going along one generation, things commenced to change – but is not too much. Considerably more options came out. Division stores and high avenue outlets started out offering a much better variety of “off the peg” alternatives to the made-to-measure garment. Though this option was not new as such, the variety and choice was. Also, sizing and variants of fit became much more varied such that those who were not of average height, size and condition could also be accommodated. 

With convenience and mass marketing arrived reductions in cost. It will be unfair to say that quality suffered therefore of this nevertheless , instead someones perception of quality transformed somewhat.

When a garment was supplied prepared to wear, off the peg, then this consumer started out to expect that, whilst it should be of good quality and fit acceptably well, it would not be quite the same in these respects as something that was made-to-measure.

Obviously, off the peg garments fluctuate tremendously in conditions of price and quality. Affordable and cheerful is probably fine for something you wear casually, for instance a Big t shirt or sweater, but definitely not OK for the suit you wear to work. Special events such as weddings and the like also have a tendency to higher standard in conditions of cloth, style and fit.

Worldwide Searching On The Worldwide Internet.

Just like the department stores and traditional fashion merchants thought they’d it all their own way, along came the Internet to modify their minds. Within a few short years the world of commerce got changed to such an extent that lots of traditional high street stores started out to shut, or scale down their “bricks and mortar” operations.

Those were smart enough adapted their sales model to encompass online activities and incorporate them into a fresh online/offline offering. Others, yet , sprung up from nowhere on an online only basis and we can all think of many examples of that. The field of commerce had changed considerably and the pace of these change was ever on the increase. People were ordering increasingly more online and the choice was growing daily.

The Winds Of Change Were Blowing However, not Everyone Was Flying A Kite.

With change, however, came problems too. That wasn’t all plain going, not by any means.

One of the theory barriers to e-commerce was in the “touch and feel” activity that made high street shopping such a pleasure for most people. In the event that you order something online you can’t touch it, or feel it, before you get it. True, most online stores would let you sent it in go back if you didn’t love it and that solved the condition for several.

There was, however, one notable exception – the built to measure suit.

A built to measure suit is, by definition, made for the person for whom it is planned. The consumer cannot expect to be able to change his mind once the garment is made because the retailer would be highly unlikely to be able to sell the garment to anyone more. It was generated for one person and one person only.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention and Mother Developed The Merchandise Once More

Realising that the touch and feel factors were likely to be a barrier to online sales, a drawing attention to company in China knew that that they had to conquer that hurdle or fall season off the online horses.

They had a first class product; they made mens suits and other garments on a designed to assess basis, yet we were holding not able to penetrate the market as extensively as they would like. The solution to this problem was inspirational but, ultimately, quite simple and it transformed them into a business that could operate globally without the need to at any time meet any of their bespoke clients.

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